Kennel Club Accredited Breeders sign up to follow recommended breeding guidelines.

They make use of health screening schemes, such as testing for hip problems and eye conditions, which will help owners to predict the future health of their puppy.

They will ensure the puppy is seen with its mother, to give an indication of how the puppy is likely to turn out. Any responsible dog breeder should be prepared to answer your questions about the breed.

They will also give new owners written information regarding the socialisation and training of the puppy and will be there as a point of contact throughout the puppy’s life to ensure that the dog and owner have a happy and fulfilling relationship.

If a breeder doesn’t follow these guidelines and if the puppies do not appear happy and are not kept in good conditions, then look elsewhere.

Typical Haughmill GSD puppies at 5 weeks old

Accredited Breeder Scheme               (information for pedigree puppy buyers)

Helping puppy buyers find their way.

Once you have made that important decision to have a puppy would you know where to go to find a responsible breeder and where you can find a puppy who will be credit to both you and to the breeder?
As a prospective new owner it is understandable to want some kind of reassurance that you are purchasing a pedigree puppy from someone whose priority is the health and welfare of the puppies that they breed. Someone who will provide you with a quality, supportive and informative service both before and after you take your puppy home. One way to do this is to contact a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder. The scheme, which is voluntary and was launched in 2004, promotes good breeding practices, giving prospective owners the best opportunity to bring home a healthy well adjusted puppy. As a puppy buyer there is now some kind of benchmark to help you in your search to find a responsible breeder.
While the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme is a good starting point for people wanting to find their way in the sometimes tricky process of choosing a puppy, it is not the only route to finding a suitable breeder as the Breed Clubs and Societies are also an excellent resource.

Requirements and Recommendations

The Scheme currently has the following requirements:

Accredited Breeders must:
Ensure that all breeding stock is Kennel Club registered
Hand over the dog's registration certificate at time of sale if available,
or forward it to the new owner as soon as possible. Explain any
endorsements that might pertainand obtain written and signed confirmation
from the new owner, at or before the date on which the dog is
physically transferred, that the new owner is aware of the endorsement(s),
regardless of whether or not the endorsed registration certificate is available.
Follow Kennel Club policy regarding maximum age and number/frequency of litters.
Permanently identify breeding stock by microchip, or tattoo.
Make use of health screening schemes, relevant to their breed,
on all breeding stock. These schemes include DNA, hip dysplasia,
elbow dysplasia and inherited eye conditions.
Current health requirements under the ABS. Socialise the puppies
and provide written advice, in the Puppy Sales Wallet,
on continuation of socialisation, exercise and future training.
Provide written advice, in the scheme Puppy Sales Wallet,
on feeding and worming programmes. Provide a written record, in the
Puppy Sales Wallet, on the immunisation measures taken.
Provide reasonable post-sales telephone advice.
Inform buyers of the requirements and the recommendations
that apply to Kennel Club Accredited Breeders as well as the existence
of the complaints procedure. Draw up a contract of sale for each puppy
and provide a copy in the Puppy Sales Wallet.

In addition there are a number of recommendations:

Kennel Club Accredited Breeders should:

Make sure that whelping facilities accord with requirements for good practice
Ensure that contract of sale clearly lays out to the buyer the nature and details of any guarantee given (e.g. time limit) and/or any provisions for refund or return and replacement of puppy. If endorsements are being used the contract should also explain why these have been placed and under what circumstances they would be removed (if any).
The contract should be signed and dated by both breeder and purchaser, showing that both have agreed to these terms.
Commit to help, if necessary, with the re-homing of a dog, for whatever reason, throughout the dog's lifetime.
Follow relevant breed health screening recommendations.

How to find a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder

Kennel Club Accredited Breeders who use the Kennel Club Find a Puppy service to advertise their puppies are flagged to show that they are accredited.

The Accredited Breeder Scheme Team can provide contact details for Accredited Breeders of your chosen breed, but please bear in mind that not all of these breeders will currently have puppies available.

The Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme - Buyer's FAQs

Why did the Kennel Club introduce the Accredited Breeder Scheme (KCABS)?

The Accredited Breeder Scheme was introduced to raise the standard of breeding and to help puppy buyers ensure that they are given the best possible chance of buying a puppy that will lead a happy, healthy life.
The KCABS reinforces the basic concepts of responsible breeding practice, which includes ensuring that breeders take all of the required health tests for their breed. By bringing all responsible breeders - who believe in and subscribe to these values - together as one group the Kennel Club empowers puppy buyers to make the right buying decision and to distinguish between responsible breeders and those who deliberately commit themselves to less.

What makes Accredited Breeders better than any other breeders?

Accredited Breeders have all agreed to follow basic good breeding practice. This includes agreeing to give their dogs the required health tests for their breed; permanently identifying dogs if their progeny are to be registered under the scheme; following guidelines about the maximum age and frequency of litters and providing post-sales advice to their customers. There are also many recommendations that Accredited Breeders are advised to follow and vast numbers of those on the scheme often go above and beyond these requirements. Every Accredited Breeder is confident of his or her credentials and agrees to allow a Kennel Club Breeder Advisor to check their premises, so that we can ensure that these standards are maintained.
This is not to say that there are not responsible breeders who are outside of the Accredited Breeder Scheme – but there are also irresponsible breeders, who deliberately and cynically commit themselves to lower standards and who for those reasons choose not to be a part of it. By buying from a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder puppy buyers have the assurance that they are not helping to line the pockets of such breeders or risking the future and health and welfare of their puppy.

Will buying from a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder increase my chances of giving my puppy a happy, healthy life?

Absolutely. Kennel Club Accredited Breeders have agreed to take the necessary steps that will give your puppy the best possible chance in life. This includes giving their dogs the required health tests for their breed, which enables them to ensure that only the healthiest genes are passed through the gene pool. Other steps, such as ensuring that they have proper whelping facilities and that the dogs are properly socialised also mean that your puppy should be well adjusted and of good temperament. Equally importantly, a Kennel Club Accredited breeder will ensure that you are choosing the right breed for you and give you guidance about how to look after your dog throughout its life.

Is it ok to buy my puppy from a pet shop?

The Kennel Club would strongly advise you not to buy a puppy from a pet shop. The puppies have often come from puppy farmers, unscrupulous breeders who breed purely for profit and have no concern for the puppies heath and welfare. Instead, puppy buyers should always see a puppy in its home environment and with its mother – so that they can see the conditions it has been brought up in and the way it is likely to turn out. They should also make sure they have all of the appropriate certification, which includes appropriate health test result certificates for that breed and a pedigree registration certificate, the authenticity of which can be checked with the Kennel Club. This is why the Kennel Club always recommend using a Kennel Club Accredited breeder, who will follow all of these steps.

Is it possible for puppy farmers or pet shops to become an Accredited Breeder?

Certainly not. There are many requirements of the scheme that puppy farmers and pet shops will not be able to fulfil, which include having the proper whelping facilities; proper home and kennelling standards; and fulfilling our health screening criteria, which has a cost implication and will not be appealing to those where profit is the prime motive These people will therefore not be accepted onto the scheme. Furthermore, if the standards of any of our KCABs were to slip then they would not survive on the scheme, as our system of routine and random inspections would ensure that we sift out those who do not follow good practice.

If puppy farmers cannot join the KCAB does that mean that mean all Accredited Breeders breed only on a small scale?

The vast majority of Accredited Breeders breed just one or two litters each year. We do have a very small number of breeders (less than 1% of our membership) who breed on a larger scale, such as organisations like the Guide Dogs for the Blind who do breed in larger numbers but these have all been inspected to ensure that their standards of care are exemplary.

Why do you allow Accredited Breeders unlimited access to the Find a Puppy service

We do this in order to promote and help those breeders that have subscribed to the basic standards of responsible breeding practice. These breeders will find that an Accredited Breeder badge appears next to their litters, on the site, in order to empower buyers to make responsible buying choices.

Given the importance of health testing, does the Kennel Club insist on health checks from those breeders that it is endorsing through the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme?

It is essential that all Kennel Club Accredited Breeders health screen. Breed specific requirements are made where an official Kennel Club scheme is in place and where the results can be independently verified. Fulfilment of requirements is checked automatically at the time of registering a litter, from data stored on our registration database.
Puppy buyers can check these results on the Kennel Club's online health test page at
Breed specific recommendations are made where there is either no official scheme in place or where there may not yet be enough evidence, research or uptake of screening, to suggest that a problem is significant in a specific breed. We make these types of schemes KCABS recommendations to help raise the profile of such schemes and Kennel Club Accredited Breeders are strongly encouraged to follow recommendations for their chosen breeds.

We are constantly updating and reviewing the list of ABS requirements and recommendations and the Kennel Clubs Charitable Trust gives grants to continually advance research into dog diseases. As soon as an inherited disease is found to be significant in a breed, a test for it has been developed and an official scheme adopted, it is likely to then be added to the list of KCABS requirements, after consultation with the relevant breed clubs.

What Does Haughmill Offer? - Buyer's FAQs

We at Haughmill believe firmly that although the Kennel Club Accredited Breeders Scheme is superb, we, as Dog Breeders can go that little extra mile for our clients.

From the first time you contact us, you will be assured that our main interest is the dog/puppy's welfare. No matter what the experience is with dogs, we do request that every enquirer complete our detailed questionnaire. This is to aid us in our initial decision of suitability for a Haughmill puppy.
The stage after this would be to be added to our waiting list. Now we do inform enquirers that we do not allocate puppies based on a first come first served basis. We allocate on the suitability of requirements.

The puppies are whelped in the living room in a large enough whelping box to accommodate not only a bitch lying at full stretch with her brood, but Carolyne aswell.
Carolyne sleeps on the couch for the first four weeks of the puppies lives to ensure everything goes to plan and there are no accidents ie the bitch lying on a puppy, a puppy being pushed to the side etc.
The first visit for the potential puppy Mums and Dads takes place at three weeks of age. By no means is this the fist of our clients seeing the puppies as there is always tons of photographs sent on
almost a daily basis for updates.
At this first visit, if after a good chat (normally lasting 2 hours) getting to know each other face to face, meeting Mum of the puppies (sometimes Dad) seeing all the other dogs and animals and everything is then acceptable for both parties the
Puppy sales contract is read, explained and then signed.
Only at this time is a cash deposit required.

The weeks between the signing of the contract and the actual pick up day for the puppy is only five weeks, but we at Haughmill realise this can seem like a lifetime. So we encourage our clients, if distance allows to come along and visit to see the puppies growing. (prior appointment is essential) This works for all parties involved, our clients get to see the bundles of joy growing into strong healthy puppies and we get yet another avenue open up for us to help
socialise our puppies - this is incredibly important for the puppies
mental well being and further helps the puppy develop
into a true and stable minded adult.

When the big weekend arrives, all our clients recieve, to take home
with them, the Haughmill puppy pack incorporating the
Kennel Club Accredited Scheme puppy wallet.
Within the Haughmill pack, our clients are directed to read over:

Puppy's Kennel Club Registration
6 Weeks Kennel Club Insurance
Full worming record - detailing type of Wormer used and dates
Royal Canin gift wallet with money off vouchers
Pictorial five generation Pedigree - detailing health tests and Titles won
Copies of Health Certificates for the Dam and Sire
(Grandparents Health Certificates if available)
Tattoo or Microchip transfer documentation

Detailed explanations of breed traits, training tips, health and welfare advise.
Details of full diet plan from 8 weeks old all the way through to adulthood.
Explanations of socialising, training, games and disciplines ie ringcraft,
obedience, agility, schutzhund etc

Photograph album or Photograph CD showing the clients puppy
from birth to 8 weeks of age.

Contact Numbers and Email addresses.
Feedback form for the Kennel Club Accredited Breeders Scheme
Details of our own training facilities or if distance demands contact
number for details of local training clubs
All our puppies are given a full Health check by our Veterinarian
before leaving Haughmill Kennels
All our puppies are solicialised with humans (of all ages), dogs, cats,
ducks, normal household noises and few extras to boot!

We at Haughmill are on hand for any advise for the lifetime of the puppy.
We also offer help if the puppy/dog is needing to re-homed for any reason.
If atall possible we at Haughmill will try to take to dog back ourselves,
so we can then get a better chance of assessing for any rehabilitation
required before being placed in a new home.

We absolutely DO NOT sell puppies for the purpose of breeding unless by prior arrangement.
Hence, puppies are sold with limited KC registration. We do not sell pups or dogs to people who want to breed their dog and all purchasers must indicate the future purpose intended for the puppy they are purchasing from Haughmill Kennels and sign a spay/neuter contract.

We DO NOT and absolutely WILL NOT ever knowingly sell our puppies or adults to puppy mill operations or brokers.
Haughmill Kennels puppies are sold as pets only to families and individuals or if required we would be
happy to discuss a potential show puppy.

We also offer The Haughmill Puppy Starter kit for our clients to pre-order and purchase which gives the right start in the puppys' new home.
When you purchase a Haughmill Puppy you can be assured that you are making
the right choice in Breeder, where quality and excellence are paramount.
When you enquire about a Haughmill Puppy we will send out a questionnaire for you to fill out -
if you are not prepared to answer OUR questions please do not apply for a Haughmill Puppy.
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